Smile Design Surgery

Smile Design Surgery

    “Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you”

  As the innovations are taking place in every field of science and helping the human beings by making their lives easier and much better. Same efforts have been shown in dentist field too, which has made the lives much easier and better, firstly people have to go through many appointments but now the process is much quicker and giving better tremendous results. If we talk about smile design surgery we can see that it has given tremendous results throughout the world, many big screen actors have gone through this smile design surgery and smiling with confidence now.

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If someone is going through uneven teeth problems or cannot smile with confidence, can go through dental surgery that not only going to even the teeth but also makes his/her teeth look beautiful and one can notice that everyone will praise his/her teeth. It is a totally safe surgery with no pain and long lasting results.

Smile Dental Design

In Smile design surgery, the surgery of teeth and jaw bones are performed with the latest technology and through qualified surgeons i.e. the surgeon through his skill of art, craft your teeth in master piece, in this, the composite used to bond with incisal edges to allow evaluation of the incisal edges on a smile and to analyze the tooth size proportion. After orthodontic alignment, the gingival margins were placed vertically in the proper position. Furthermore, to improve the smile arc, interproximal ,enameloplasty was performed, resulting not only in desire shape but meanwhile it also improves height to width relationship. The tremendous outcomes will give you final close up smile, means one can feel final full face smile with constant smile arc and full incisor display.


So one can say that the chipped, uneven and broken teeth can be fixed now and one can move with a confident smile. Discolour teeth can be whitened again and the aging signs can be removed and the one can be looked more beautiful /handsome and youthful in appearance.


So if you think you cannot laugh openly and you have to hide your teeth behind your close lips due to the variation of tooth shape and size or there are broken porcelain veneers, tooth decay, lower teeth too long, veneer fell off or bad bite in these cases one can go through dental surgery and make their teeth look much better than before, which in return give you positive energy to start your day with confidence and to cheer every moment of life. 

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